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Our core values, which are born out of our core beliefs, are characteristics that we believe are essential to our church and which shape the spiritual culture and ministry strategies of our congregation.



 -- We believe in God, so we engage our hearts through prayer, singing, Bible reading and preaching, and encourage one another through the exultation of the gospel.  The Father seeks for us to worship in spirit and in truth.


 -- We are better together, so we embrace others for the sake of the gospel and look for authentic and practical ways to love each other, to build friendships and strengthen our faith.  God is glorified when we love one another.


 -- We need to grow, so we partner with teachers and preachers to train up guests and members to follow the gospel through individual and corporate Bible study and prayer.  Faith is what we learn and what we do.


 -- We love our community, so we help our friends and neighbors for the glory of the gospel and look for ways to empower all ages to help and serve the church and community.  Serving others is doing whatever it takes to care for the whole person and the whole family.


 -- We all need Jesus, so we love our neighbors and reach out to them with the gospel, building relationships by service and discipleship and giving others hope for the future.  Everyone needs the good news of Jesus Christ.



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