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At Community Baptist Church,
                                                    "MISSIONS IS OUR BUSINESS"
Below is a list of missionaries that we directly support. They are located in the States and abroad. We ask that you'd pray for their labor, growth and ministry.


Peter Halliman

Papua, New Guinea


Born in New Guinea, Peter Halliman has grown up on the mission field alongside his dad, a missionary to the tribal natives in New Guinea. He is no stranger to the way of living in the Bush.


The Lord called Peter to the mission field of New Guinea and then to a short stay in Africa that grew into an 18 year ministry around the area of Blantyre, Malawi, Africa.Through Peter, the Lord has established many New Testament, Landmark Baptist churches in Africa and New Guinea.


Authorized and sent:

Sovereign Grace Baptist Mission Henderson, Texas

 *Bios and images copied from the "Missions" webpage of Meadowthorpe Baptist Church, 03 June 2014

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