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Our leadership team of elders and deacons serve the church body by working alongside the congregation in the various ministries of the church.  Our senior pastor provides spiritual leadership and teaching to equip the church, and deacons serve those leading and working in our ministries. (Pastors, elders, and deacons are called by the church based on qualifications found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.)



Elder Jason Williams, Senior Pastor

-- Jason Williams ( "Pastor Jason") was ordained to the gospel ministry in April 2014, and has been preaching and teaching the gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ since he surrendered to God's calling in December 2001.  He is committed to evangelism and the task of building a community of faithful believers.  He has been married to Amayia since 2006, and they have three children, Sadie, Abigail, and Zachary. He has been pastor of the Community Baptist Church of Salinas (formerly known as Alisal Baptist Church) since October 2016.



Deacon Doug Lawson


Deacon Roger McRae

Deacon Tim Sharpe


Deacon Bob Williams



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